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His real name is Joshua Milton Blahyi. Blahyi is a uniquely monstrous war criminal.

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Blahyi was a cannibal who practiced human sacrifice on infants to earn himself protection during battle. He recruited child soldiers, made them hack other people to pieces and ate the live hearts of his enemies.

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Spiegel Online reports his soldiers used to bet on whether a pregnant woman was carrying a boy or a girl before slitting open her belly to see who was right. Blahyi earned that falsely comical nickname, General Butt Naked, for his favored practice of running into battle wearing sneakers and nothing else.

He thought it made him invincible. He has never been punished for his crimes, because the International Criminal Court was founded in and has no jurisdiction over atrocities that occurred before then.

Joshua Milton Blahyi (born September...

Nineteen people have granted his wish so far. Blahyi has also built a mission for former child soldiers, who he feeds and clothes.

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The strangest thing about this transition from monster to clergyman is that it appears to be completely genuine. He made no attempt to dodge blame in the manner of so many other war criminals.

He has carried that attitude through to the present day. This story originally appeared on news.

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