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Vaseline as lube for guys

Pron Videos Vaseline as lube for guys.

There are many types of lubricants available. But two of the most popular are Vaseline and petroleum jelly. Yes, they are different and similar at the same time.

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In fact, many people mistake one for the other, although some know that Vaseline is a brand name. But can you use both as a lubricant?

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Unfortunately, the body loses a pint of water over time, causing the skin to dry. One way to minimize moisture loss is to moisturize with petroleum-based products.

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The use of such a substance, however, may have an adverse effect, especially when used on other areas of the body, not Vaseline as lube for guys on the skin.

Based on the information above, it is clear that Vaseline and petroleum jelly have slight differences, especially the part about the purification process. This is why Vaseline can dare to claim that it is safe to use as a lubricant. Petroleum jelly, on the other hand, needs to be dissected a little bit further.

So, that leads me to...

No, because there are plenty of reasons you should avoid using petroleum jelly as a lubricant, especially during sexual intercourse, as it will likely defeat the purpose of lubrication. There are 7 major ingredients in sexual lubricants that you should avoid — parabens, silicone oils, phenoxyethanol, glycerin and glucose, propylene glycol, chlorhexidine, and petroleum-derived ingredients. Clearly, using petroleum jelly, whether Vaseline or not, on your genitals should be avoided.

This is because petroleum jelly may contain impurities linked to certain health conditions, including cancer.