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Is sex good for teenagers

Nude gallery Is sex good for teenagers.

Unfortunately, most teens have different views than their parents when it comes to what constitutes a sex talk.

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But something is getting lost in translation, because only half of their teens agree. Here are six facts that every teen should know, along with specific ways to get your point across.

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Condoms are almost as effective for preventing pregnancy as the Pill when they are used correctly. A study of college students documented typical condom misuse, slippage, and breakage.

If you have unprotected sex or the condom breaksemergency contraception is an option. Plan B is a high-dose birth control pill that is available over-the-counter and can prevent pregnancy if taken within 72 hours, though it is most effective when taken right away.

The thought of teenagers having...

Many women's health organizations recommend purchasing it before you need it, so that it's readily available if you ever do. Call a doctor, a health clinic, a pharmacy, or a Planned Parenthood office, or place an overnight order from Drugstore.

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