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Cobit maturity model diagram

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Information Technology goals comprises ensure critical and confidential information in withheld from those who should not 1. Introduction have access to it. In this regard, the measuring the alignment is important.

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The measurement is complicated, because it involves many aspects which are sometimes intangible. CobiT is usually The alignment of business goals and information used to measure the maturity level of information technology processes; whereas Structural Equation Model is employed to technology goals becomes an important strategy of a measure the alignment between business and information university due to the high competition.

COBIT 5 provides a comprehensive...

Reference [1] technology goals. This research proposes the use of CobiT Cobit maturity model diagram that the alignment of information technology Maturity Model and Structural Equation Model to measure the strategy had a positive impact on the profitability of the alignment between the University Academic Regulations and organization through superior strategies to achieve Information Technology goals.

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The auditor collects the Cobit maturity model diagram by IT applications provided benefits when they were interviewing staffs and observing the related documents. The aligned with business goals. Reference [4] claimed that the maturity levels of information technology processes are resulted contribution of information technology systems in from the maturity calculation. The maturity levels are used to business performance is related to the size of the role of IT assess the alignment level.

IT support for In Structural Equation Model, the auditor develops organizational functions will not guarantee the continuous questionnaires from the statement in each CobiT Maturity Level.

Therefore, business goals and IT The questionnaires are filled by respondents assisted by the surveyors. The data is processed by using Partial Least Square, goals alignment is needed to enhance the strategic role of and the results are the effects of the processes to the information IT for strategic business planning [5]. Then, these effects are used to calculate the framework that supports the fulfillment of the needs.

Cobit maturity model diagram total effect of the alignment. The university academic effect scores of Structural Equation Model have the same list of maturity ranks of the information technology processes. The regulations should comply with external laws, regulations information technology process with the highest rank is Ensure and contracts; such as the law of National Education Cobit maturity model diagram Security, and the lowest rank is Manage the Physical System No. The alignment levels from Cobit Maturity Model research grant respectively.

The university academic and the effect score of alignment from Structural Equation Model regulations were established by the government through are relatively the same. Universities are judgment, shorter time of audit, lower cost of audit, and more active participants.

The results of SEM indicate The assessment of alignment is complicated, because it the effects among the latent variables.

It identified the involves many aspects, which are sometimes intangible.

best practices of the COBIT...

Then these effects are used to calculate and IT alignment [8], and several frameworks have been the total effect of the alignment. However, they have not yielded empirical evidence covering compliance with external laws, regulations Cobit maturity model diagram and have not provided a roadmap to alignment [9].

Business goals number 12 is very important for of similar studies showed that there were no such optimal a university existence due to obligations to fulfill external method to achieve alignment [7].

There was also lack of laws, regulations and contracts from the government empirical evidence to support the theory that competitive through DGHE and MoE. Furthermore, it shows that business goals number 12 is also one of the ten was difficult to identify how alignment was Cobit maturity model diagram [11], most important business goals [15]-[16]. The failure of business and IT alignment influences the perception that IT is only a cost center rather than as an enabler for the business values [9], [12].

Theoritical Consideration Reference [2] stated that if IT is not implemented in alignment with business then the investment will not be 2. IT processes can be controlled and governance framework, which applies to management, IT structured to achieve the alignment between business services, control department, audit functions, and more goals and IT goals. CobiT classifies 17 business goals importantly the owners of the business process Cobit maturity model diagram ensure related to the IT activities in organizations.

The business the accuracy, integrity, and availability of data and goals are categorized into four perspectives of balanced information which are important and sensitive.

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In additon therefore this paper proposes to use the CobiT Maturity to that, the framework also ensures that IT enables the Model Cobit maturity model diagram to assess the alignment between the business, maximizes its benefits, IT risks are managed business goals and the IT goals. The levels of the maturity appropriately, and IT resources are used responsibly [13]- [14].

The CobiT business orientation comprises linking business maturity process is usually carried out by an auditor, who Cobit maturity model diagram to IT goals which provides metrics and maturity determines the score through subjective Cobit maturity model diagram.

The models to measure their achievement. It also identifies the maturity calculation results the maturity levels of IT associated responsibilities of business and IT process processes. These maturity levels are used to assess the owners. CobiT classifies 17 business goals related to the alignment level between business goals and IT goals. The IT activities in organizations. The CobiT framework also highest level of the maturity shows the highest defines IT goals and classifies them into 28 IT goals.

A process model illustrated the process focus In addition to that, this paper proposes to use Structural of CobiT.

The model subdivides IT into 34 processes Equation Model SEM to assess the alignment between which are in line with the responsibility areas of plan, the business goals and the IT goals. SEM uses build, run and monitor, providing an end-to-end view of questionnaires to compute the scores of the effects.

On the other hand one IT process can meet [13]. Reference [6] explains that this mapping is important several IT goals. In this study, the researchers discuss as it can be a reference for companies to translate business business goals number 12 linkages with IT goals number requirements to IT availability.

Figure 1 depicts the 19 which comprises ensure critical and confidential relationship business goals number 12 BG 12 covering information is withheld from those who should not have compliance with external laws, regulations and contracts, access to it.

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This is in accordance with ITG 2 reference [16] statement that the selection process applied to IT enterprise depends on the importance of business ITG 19 processes, which can be based on risk level. The IT processes can be seen in Table 2.

The assessment of process capability...

ITG 22 Table 1: Information technologi goals ITG Numbe Description ITG 26 r 2 respond to governance requirements in line with ITG 27 board direction 19 ensure critical and confidential information is withheld from those who should not have access Fig. Communicate Management Aims Do you agree?

Total Weight 2 Compliance 1. Total Weight 6 Compliance 0. The example of the result of 2. Maturity Level of PO6 from Cobit maturity model diagram 0 non-existent to level 5 optimized.

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Maturity Compliance Contributio Level Score Assessment was done by the auditor to the staff related to Level Score n the management process. The questions at each maturity 0 1.

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