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Huge giant insane dick

Sexy xxx video Huge giant insane dick.

Some of are honkin' great trunks, others wittle itty bitty stubs, but they all look kind of funny, even the divine ones.

In the animal kingdom, anything goes when it comes to dong size. The animals with the largest penis-to-body ratio are all over the map.

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Some of them are tiny creatures with relatively giant penises, and others are hulking mammals with members to match. Animals whose penises are biggest relative to body size usually have an evolutionary reason for having such large penises, but a few of them just have giant wangs for the heck of it.

That barely makes sense!

Can you imagine trying to fit that into your jeans? Nature is weird, and science obviously has a sense of humor.

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Barnacles, those things you scrape off the side of a boat, have the largest penis-to-body ratio in the animal kingdom. Can you use your pork sword as the pole?

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Actually, they probably wouldn't want that either, come to think of it. Such is the life of a creature that spends its days stuck to a boat. The last animal you want to have a giant wang is a squid.

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This squid is one of the few underwater creatures that's able to elongate its penis into an erect shaft. Until its ready, the penis remains sheathed inside of the squid, waiting to strike. Like a meat harpoon.

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And if you're wondering, no, the squid probably wouldn't use its penis to pull people off stage on a vaudeville show. Of course the blue whale has a giant penis!

It's like saying Peter North should be the next Spiderman, with the ropes he shoots. That puts the penis-to-body ratio at about Which is crazy when you think about the size of the creature floating through the sea.

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The largest whale penis on display is just the tip: What is it about ducks that makes them complete jerks? Is it their addiction to carbs?

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