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How to draw sexy lips

Pron Pictures How to draw sexy lips.

Drawing beautiful, seductive open lips on your fashion sketches is going to add mystery and sex appeal to your designs. Follow the steps and learn how to draw sexy open mouth, as seen in fashion magazines. Start by drawing the fashion face.

Do everything except for the mouth. When you are drawing a model with slightly open lips you may want to draw the eyes just a little more closed than usually. This way she will get this seductive expression you are going for. Find the middle of the space between the nose and the chin.

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Mark it with a horizontal line that should be long enough to touch the lines if pulled down from the center of the eyes.

This is the mouth Centerline. This is the maximum width of the mouth that will look nice. Divide the mouth Centerline in 4 four equal segments.

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Find the middle of the Centerline-to-nose fragment and the Centerline-to-chin one. When you are ready with these guidelines they should remind a square or a box. Draw an arch to indicate the upper lip.

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Use the separators from the previous step to determine how wide the smaller arch should be. Try to follow the curve of the bigger one.

Firstly, draw a little dip in the top of the upper lip. Then, go to the mouth Centerline and make the u pper lip overlaps the lower one ever so slightly. Now mark the lower lip. Just hint the form of the mouth.

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Clean up the unnecessary lines and outline the mouth with a color slightly darker than the one, you have picked for the lipstick.

Indicate the hightlighted parts of the lips. Usually there is a kidney-shaped highlight in the center of the lower lip and two separate highlights placed on the upper lip. Fill the sexy lips with a solid lipstick color.

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Carefully go around the highlights. Notice the little dash, added to hint the chin of the model.

Add some shadows to both the upper and the lower lips. Use a color slightly darker than your base lipstick tone.

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For the upper lip: By this dramatic contrast you give your fashion illustration fuller, sexier lips.

For the lower lip: Draw a triangle in the middle of the Centerline and a small shadow underneath the kidney-shaped light. In some illustrations a light grey shadow casted from the upper lip on the teeth would look nice.

Just leave it white and simple. Understanding how to draw beautiful open lips will no doubt make your fashion designs stand out.

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Have fun with it! I could spend forever looking thru your informative, easy to follow, step by step instructions. Thank you so much for allowing me in for no charge!

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This is sooooo easy!!!! How to draw sexy lips Drawing beautiful, seductive open lips on your fashion sketches is going to add mystery and sex appeal to your designs.

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Drawing the fashion face Start by drawing the fashion face. Set the guidelines Find the middle of the space between the nose and the chin. Jann Miner November 8, at 3: Amaya Cowan March 31, at 2: Amaya Cowan November 6, at 8: January 31, at 7: DoanByDesign May 16, at Annie September 22, at 3: Laura January 4, at 2: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Learn to draw realistic lips...

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Human Lips & Mouth drawing Lessons and step by step drawing tutorials for drawing people lips. Learn how to draw and.

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