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Heather dubrow terry dubrow

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Together for nearly 20 years, the actress and plastic surgeon have certainly evolved since we met them in Season 7.

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Heather recently spoke to the Huffington Post about how her relationship with Terry has changed the most since she joined the series. I blame both myself and Terry actually. Terry liked to needle me because he thought it was fun on camera, and I could not release myself to it, it really took time for me," she said.

I would compare it to this; I grew up in a conservative household in upstate New York, in Westchester County. We had just met these people and I was being introduced to America, not as Heather Paige Kent but as Heather Dubrow, so when you meet new people you Heather dubrow terry dubrow definitely on your best behavior! We have been together as a couple almost 20 years, and just like any other couple, we have our ebbs and flows," she said.

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Our first couple of years on the show was very difficult for me, because I was going from scripted to unscripted. I was going from being at home with my kids to doing this.

For me, I was very hung up wondering how this was going to look and I had a really hard time releasing myself.

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