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Men who want to take care of women

Naked Galleries Men who want to take care of women.
Women "Take Care," Men "Take...

I have always wanted to remarry but getting a man who really understands my situation is not easy. It has now reached a time when I really need a man to love me and take care of me.

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My needs have increased both socially and emotionally to the point that I can no longer control myself. I want a genuine loving and caring man. Please advise me on the best way to go about this, I think I am aging and hope to get engaged as soon as possible.

There are widowers who may be looking for similar unions but you have to be patient. Dating agencies and platforms may give you the ropes but be very conscious of what you are looking for.

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Similarly, marriage is not a life and death situation so consider the well-being of your kids, your safety and your space before thinking about you needs and wants. Five simple steps of recovering from an abusive relationship -Tasma Saka I know it has not been easy for you looking after those children and anyone would understand that you have social and emotional needs that need to be met. I encourage you to start your search by involving yourself in widow grouping in the church, work place, area you are living, rural home and in the work place.

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You can recover from this and live a normal life. In time you will find a partner with home you can and may form a family.

Try and look for a widower from your tribe or through your close friends but remember that your children will become their children once you make them your husband. I am sure there is a man in your vicinity, workplace, area or community.

Go out to church, social places and search even through family members and you will find someone. Keep an open mind and pray. You are indeed still relatively young and still have a bright future ahead.

Nobody knows what this future will look like but you can shape it. Many women have 'Plan B' Men who want to take care of women they can run away with We must also agree that the conditions are not really perfect and that it may require careful planning and an open mind as you venture into this search.

Once we agree on several issues, this will put you on the right track towards getting what you are longing to have which is a man and probably a complete family. Before I share the things we need to agree on we need to quickly look at the facts.

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