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Can a gynecologist tell if your sexually active

Nude photos Can a gynecologist tell if your sexually active.

Also, you can break your hymen riding a horse or a bike, doing gymnastics or inserting a tampon. Your hymen could also be torn during a pelvic exam. Also, it's possible to break it with a finger. So if your parents are taking you to the doctor because they're worried about your health, you should be honest with the doctor.

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Also, you don't have to let your mom go into the examining room with you if you don't want to. Whether the doctor is male or female, there will be a nurse present when you are examined. A public health clinic or planned parenthood provides low-cost services for teens, without your parents' knowledge.

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It's called patient confidentiality. They don't just look for the hymen because if you use tampons this can cause that to tear. But, you need to be honest-get some birth control-tell them that you want to be responsible just in case. You have creepy folks.

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