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Can a hookup scan be 2 weeks out

Pron Pictures Can a hookup scan be 2 weeks out.

And it costs nothing. When the light comes on, a code is stored as the reason for triggering the light. They will then get a code and description that tells them what the issue is. The connector to this diagnostic system is called OBD-II on-board diagnostic, version 2 and it is standardized for every vehicle sold in the US, and newer. When your on-board computer detects a problem, it outputs a code through the output, and the code can be read by an OBD-II code scanner, or reader.

You can get that for free at most auto-parts stores.

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It takes them 1 minute to do this. I was relieved to find out that the cause for the light to go on in my car was a possible vapor leak coming from my gas cap, caused by a weak spring in the cap. The store can also reset the computer so that if the problem persists, the light will come on again. But good luck finding one perhaps, asking if they offer a free check engine light scan and their response is a good measuring stick for an honest mechanic. If you want to take things yet a step further and Can a hookup scan be 2 weeks out go to the auto parts store every time, you can purchase your own OBD-II scanner.

Not all Automotive shops are rip offs! My business is in the Small town of Williston Florida, we put out cars a day and do no advertising, it all word of mouth. What can I do. I am a single mom with no moneyand I told the guy that, I was like please this is all I haveand if there are things about this car please let me know, oh he swore it is beautiful, your going to love it. Well he fixed itbut not really the problem was still there, I brought it backbut by then it was to late, Please tell me what can I do to some how recover from this.

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I do want to tell him what I know about the tricks he is pulling on people, and me. Please if you can or anyone help me out, I would be very grateful for any help.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you. If my check engine light came on and someone scanned it real quick and got a code would that tell me the problem with my car? Please help I dont have much money.

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They will tell you what the repairs are and prices on parts if needed. Unfortunately auto parts store, have quit coding cars and will no longer turn the check engine light off.

Guess someone screwed up. So now… We are ALL back to paying for a full diagnostic when this happens. BTW my light is on… Still driving. Can you have a problem with your car stalling and then starting up while driving low speed. I had the mass air sensor replaced and the problem persisted they told me the computer read below sea level, is this for real?

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Wrong As of August most Auto parts shops still do………. With that money, you could have found a newer car with probably less miles that would be cheaper to fix. You guys may realize that this Lexus was more then likely a great deal. How do you know how much she paid for it? Generalizing is an ignorant reply to someones problem. She wanted a car that was a good vehicle. It never ceases to amaze me how rude people can be when another person is asking for help.

A luxury car is just that, a luxury.

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Expensive as all get out when they break. A 90s sedan or SUV would have been far more cost effective to maintain and would have been something that could have been easily modified to fit different tastes.

God forbid an unwed mother driving a 10 year old lexus. Im a certified buttwiper I guess I shouldnt still be rolling in my 21 year old cadillac that I have had for 8 years! Thats what I used to have. Was the cheapest car I ever run! Any luxury car is very expensive to repair when things go wrong. My Sevice Engine Soon Light is on, took it for inspection and Minike tried to pull everything under the sun on my inspection.

I have a Grand Am. Have took it different places and got l00 different answers. I guess I got stupid on my head.

Oh and when I brought it the dealer also tried to cheat me, but GOD took care of him and he ended up fixing my car. Maybe consult with an attorney most do free consultationshowever, you might just need to write this off as a learning lesson and bite the bullet. I have taken several mechanics to task by reporting them to the Bureau of Auto Repair.

An inspector goes to the mechanic and determines if he was at fault Twice I was refunded my money because of fraud by the mechanic. A couple weeks ago I tried to get it inspected because inspection is due now and Mechanic tells me that my engine light should be on.

He thought it was blowed out. Then I took it to the Chrysler dealership to have it checked and they found black tape covering the engine light!!