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Bikini birthing skirts

Sexy Galleries Bikini birthing skirts.

Yes, it may seem vein and silly— but hey, it matters!

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First up, I have to tell you that, as midwives and OBs! It certainly was for me, before I tumbled into the birth world. Clothes, no clothes, pubic hair, no pubic hair. But of course, we still all agree that YOU as the birthing mom have to be comfortable and confident. So what to wear??

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Here are some of the most common options. Probably the most commonly worn waterbirth garment.

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Many women are already laboring in a sports bra and comfy sweatpants or shorts. Sometimes with a baggy shirt or tank top on top, sometimes just by itself. Very similar to a sports bra, but usually a bit less supportive and usually just a little bit less coverage. This is often combined with a sports bra, but not always.

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Otherwise, the same things apply as to the sports bra. You can use a towel on Bikini birthing skirts lower half as you get into the pool and if you labor on your hands and knees if you prefer to limit exposure to that area. Either one is completely okay, and completely acceptable.

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You also may think now that you would never labor naked, but transition has a way of making us lose all natural inhibitions. You might just surprise yourself!

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A bit of a halfway point between a sports bra and a shirt. It gives you more coverage, but you can pull it up over your belly if you feel too warm.

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