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Asian women attending routine

XXX Photo Asian women attending routine.
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The aim of this study was to explore the acceptability of antenatal enquiry for domestic abuse from the perspective of women using maternity services. It also sought to understand the experiences of referral and support offered to women who had positively disclosed abuse.

A multimethod approach was adopted including quantitative and qualitative elements. The survey assessed women's views of the acceptability and impact of routine enquiry for domestic abuse.

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Interviews aimed, to understand the views and experiences of women who had positively disclosed Asian women attending routine during their contact with maternity services. Interviewees subject to abuse during pregnancy were happy to be questioned, even though they did not always feel able to disclose immediately. Women had a positive view of antenatal enquiry for domestic abuse in healthcare settings and support its continuation. Women expect to be asked and that midwives can respond appropriately.

Raising the issue creates a culture in which women are made aware of the impact of abuse and understand there are avenues of support even if she decides not to leave the relationship.

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Women may choose not to disclose about the abuse at the initial time of asking, for fear of their own safety but asking signifies that she can disclose about at a later contact. Domestic violence and abuse can include many forms of behaviour including physical, psychological, emotional and sexual, restriction of movements, isolation, deprivation and financial control.

Within the context of the United Kingdom UKthere were over one million female victims of domestic abuse in England and Wales in the last year.

Domestic abuse in pregnancy continues to receive increased attention from UK and international policy Asian women attending routine as it can have grave consequences for both the mother and the unborn baby. Nevertheless, reported prevalence rates of violence in pregnancy range from 0.

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Health professionals such as general practitioners GPsmidwives, practice nurses, accident and emergency staff, and health visitors may often be the first point of contact for abused women. However, the continuing unwillingness of health professionals to openly ask a woman about domestic violence has been attributed to a number of reasons including: There also remains some uncertainty whether routine enquiry for partner violence in health settings is appropriate or indeed effective.

The study also sought to understand the experiences of referral and support for women who had positively disclosed domestic abuse. A multimethod approach was adopted including both quantitative and qualitative elements. The latter provided the opportunity to understand the views and experiences of women who had positively disclosed a history of abuse during their contact with maternity services and identify the reasons why women may opt not to disclose to their care givers. University and NHS Ethical approval was obtained.

Close attention was Asian women attending routine to issues of safe guarding, particularly during interviews, in accordance with the Nursing and Midwifery Council NMC Code of Professional Conduct 36 about the disclosure of information about the risk of harm to children or vulnerable adults. Safety measures were explained, and particular attention was paid to information about child protection and the right to withdraw.

National and local support telephone numbers for Women's Aid were included with the survey. Researchers recognized that these may be highly sensitive Asian women attending routine therefore, provision was made for additional support for any issues subsequently women wished to discuss through the participating voluntary organizations.

The women were also aware that they could invite their support worker to accompany them to the interview; Asian women attending routine one participant took up this request.

Pseudonyms were used ensuring participant confidentiality. The survey assessed women's views of the acceptability and impact of routine enquiry for domestic violence on their experiences of maternity care. The survey was developed on the basis of previous work undertaken in the field 2124262728 and piloted to ensure data collected was reliable. Amendments were made where piloted questions were considered ambiguous. Biographical data were also collected including ethnicity, age and type of housing.

Asian women attending routine were connected to the role Asian women attending routine the midwife in asking about abuse; appropriateness of being asked and the possible benefits of disclosure. These variables were identified from the qualitative literature and previous work conducted in the field. Biographical information was recorded, women were asked to reflect on their experiences of the maternity services after disclosure, including the degree to which they felt able to respond honestly when asked directly about abuse.

Reflections were also sought on how practitioners had shared information with other agencies, and women were asked to include the degree to which the care they received was delivered collaboratively across agencies including suggestions for future service improvement. The interviews were mostly conducted at the premises of women's support agencies.

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One interview was conducted in the woman's home, but at the time of Asian women attending routine interview, the woman was separated from her partner. This was still engaged with the women's support services and her named support worker was present during the interview.

Women were recruited from 12 community clinics, while attending for antenatal care between September and January The clinics represented communities with diverse cultural, social and ethnic minority populations with significant numbers of women: Women were asked by their midwives, if they would like to complete a questionnaire which focused on the acceptability of enquiry for domestic abuse.

This is because involvement in interviewing could potentially put women at personal risk. Asian women attending routine

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