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How do you take a mirror selfie

FuckBook Base How do you take a mirror selfie.

Yes, people have managed to be very resourceful.

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These tools allow us to be more flexible and creative with the kind of selfie that we share on our favorite social media sites. Mirror selfies are relatively easier because it requires very minimal effort when you know how to take one. If you plan on showing off your head-to-toe look using the mirror, remember that there should be no clutter in your background.

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This could distract your viewers of the subject You and the details you want to emphasize in your outfit, which could only ruin your perfect mirror selfie.

If possible, choose a room that is painted with a plain color; white, light blue, yellow, green or pink is always safe. When you have a mirror mounted on a wall or cabinet, you have no choice but to use the opposite side of the mirror as your background.

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You have nothing much of a choice here. In this case, just make sure that anything the mirror can reflect looks nice.

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Mirror is the most important thing you need to have to get your OOTD photo done. Full-length mirrors are typically about cm tall and about cm wide.

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Mirrors that are mounted on the walls or cabinets are the best ones for a mirror selfie because of the neutral angle it provides. Also, it gives you more space to move.

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Ideally, it should not face direct light if you intend to use it for your mirror selfie. Like your room, make sure that the mirror is clean.

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Stubborn mirror stains can, in fact, ruin your photo. Moisture may cause spots that are hard to come off.

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Fret not because there are a lot of smartphones nowadays with improved rear camera, like the Lenovo S This model is specifically designed for the fashion-conscious as it features a classy all-glass exterior to compliment your OOTD. It features a Megapixel rear camera and a 5-Megapixel wide-angle front camera to capture sharp photos effortlessly. It also helps that your smartphone is easy to grip, something you can use single-handedly. Remember never to use the flash. A lot of people forget to turn off the flash when taking a mirror selfie.

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In photography, lighting is everything. It gives your photo drama and life. The best light you can use is natural light so take advantage of it during the day.

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Open some windows and allow sun rays to penetrate into the room but make sure not to stand against the light when taking your mirror selfie. Ideally, a good mix of white and yellow light can enhance your skin tone. Plain white fluorescent lamps tend to make your skin look dull and sometimes darker than your actual color while yellow incandescent lamps may be too low and soft to light up room as desired.

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Be comfortable with yourself in front of the mirror. Practice some poses and make sure your posture is right. Angle your body to make it a little more flattering versus shooting straight on.

You may wish to try a new pose each day and play around with your look. You can mess up you hair a little bit too if you wish. Make-up is not required but if it makes you feel more confident about the way you look, then go for it. These tips should help you achieve that perfect mirror selfie. More details on the contest can be found here: Follow SwirlingOverCoffee on Facebook.

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About one million selfies are being taken each day according to some studies[i]. Taking selfies is a new way of self-expression that is a make or break experiment. This is why a lot of people try to master the art of taking selfies. It looks more realistic than the skinny models wearing overly-done hair and make-up as seen on magazines and billboards.

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There are two ways to achieve an OOTD shot — ask someone to take your photo or take a perfect mirror selfie. Pick a good side of the room and tidy it up If you plan on showing off your head-to-toe look using the mirror, remember that there should be no clutter in your background.

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