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Homemade bikini wax beeswax honey

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Hirsute stereotypes notwithstanding, hippie living and hair removal are not mutually exclusive. So to mark the kick-off of swimsuit season, I spent the past week waxing my bikini line with a dozen different natural DIY recipes. But it beats the alternative: Any time I take a razor to a sensitive area, it means minor cut season, razor burn season, and ingrown hair season.

A bikini wax here costs...

Enter the sugar wax: This old-school waxing method is cheap, requires no heat or strips, and is as effective and less painful than conventional waxing.

It takes a lot of trial and error to make it work.

So I Googled “homemade sugar...

To start experimenting, cook up a thick syrup of brown sugar, water, and an acid. At room temperature, your wax should take on a taffy-like consistency—think Gak or those sticky hand toys you can get for a quarter next to the cash register at a Golden Corral.

When browned, pour into a clean glass container. Cooking the wax is a delicate science. Most Homemade bikini wax beeswax honey waxers say to keep it on the stove until the color gets somewhere between honey and molasses, but even wax closer to a ginger ale can do the job. My wax starts to get brown in about six minutes, and I pull it off the heat the second it starts smelling like burnt marshmallows.

To find the consistency that works for you, take your wax off the heat early in the browning stage, let it cool, and test the mixture at several intervals. And if you do overcook a batch, dispose of it in the trash can, not the sink—as soon as it cools, it will be rock solid.

All-Natural Wax Formulas That Make...

Applying the wax also requires a little bit of tinkering. I just make big stringy messes all over my hands.

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And for a natural primer, dust your skin with cornstarch before you apply the wax to take care of any excess moisture. Any leftover wax can be stored in an airtight jar or poured over some vanilla ice cream. Trending Most Read Related.

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